Proposals for a new school

A meeting was held at Southgate College on Thursday 18th July to advise and discuss Enfield’s outline proposals to invest and redevelop an area adjacent to Grovelands Park

A presentation was given by Gary Barnes, Assistant Director, Regeneration, Leisure & Libraries. Jenny Tosh, Assistant Director for Education also took part.

The Council has commenced a commissioning process to appoint external consultants to undertake an historic parks survey and to develop a management plan for the park, which will be used to develop options both in terms of introducing a two form entry primary school and improving the current sporting facilities.

The area in question is within the boundary of the original Repton designed estate however, it is not within the boundaries of the current park. It is an eight acre site in the south west corner, off the road leading to The Priory and land currently owned by Thames Water. Much of the land is currently overgrown and poorly maintained.

It was advised that this is still a ‘concept’ at this stage. In order to progress, the Council must initially gain English Heritage approval because the land is part of a designated two star park designed by Repton & Morson. A fuller public consultation process will not commence until there has been a historic parks survey and a full management plan.

Apparently, initial discussions with English Heritage have been reasonably positive.

Whilst there is, and will be, some hostility towards these plans, it is encouraging that concerns over the provision of primary school places in this area has been noted by the Council and action is being taken. It was also encouraging to note that there were some positive contributions being made by members of the audience who felt that it was time that something was done about this area of land.

PLANS/DRAWINGS – outline concept drawings should be available soon and we will put them on this site.


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