Grovelands Consultation Meeting – 25th September

We have been advised that Enfield Council will be holding a consultation meeting on proposals for a school on the land adjacent to Grovelands Park. The meeting will be held on Wednesday 25th September at the Southgate Methodist Church, Bourne Hill at 7.00 pm.

This meeting will be advertised in the local press so If you want a new school at Grovelands please attend the meeting to show your support. Please pass this message on to others who are interested in the education of our children..


5 thoughts on “Grovelands Consultation Meeting – 25th September

  1. Tracey

    I was interested to receive your flyer yesterday. I currently have my house on the market and have lost at least 2 possible sales because the potential buyers discovered I am no longer in the catchment area for Walker School.
    As part of your campaign can I suggest you also make property owners aware that the lack of primary school places in the area is making a difference to their potential house sales/prices. This is an issue that effects all local residents, even those without children. I will be keeping the flyer and suggesting all my potential buyers get behind your campaign!

  2. David Weir

    That’s a really valid point I think. I guess it’s something for the local residents associations to consider and perhaps to take up with the council.

    My view on this is, as I have posted on another thread is that I love the proposals for a school on land adjacent to Grovelands Park. They are absolutely fine and I support them wholly. The fact is that there is a genuine and serious lack of school places in South West Enfield and children are being denied access to local schools. This is unacceptable and understandably the council must do everything that they can to remedy this. Hundreds of local children would benefit from what looks like an amazing new school which, from the plans, seems to respect the use of the adjacent land as a park.

    I think it’s important to remember that Grovelands is a park, an area of land set aside for public use, and not a nature reserve. It is a beautiful park already and I do not see how the addition of an extra square of wasteland would add anything to the park or benefit it’s users. I also do not see how the location of a school adjacent to the park could detract in any way from it’s beauty ( when there is already a large metal container(!) and a pitch and put golf course at the entrance) or it’s use as a recreation area.

    If it comes to a choice between offering hundreds of young people in Enfield the joy of education in a safe and modern school which reflects and respects the parkland next to which it is built versus the addition of an extra area of land to a park which is already suitably large and varied in it’s composition, I would go with the school every time. So, if the choice is young people versus old trees…I’d go with the actual humans and the unlimited potential of children every time.

    1. Michael Clary

      While I respect David Weir’s view, the idea that the interests of people should prevail over old trees and wildlife EVERY time seems to lack any semblance of balance. Might as well stick it on the Conway rec then. Wherever our children are educated, I hope they will be taught to give a bit more consideration to wildlife and habitats than that.

      The planning and consultation system is supposed to provide a framework within which all these considerations are balanced, though I’m not sure how well it works when the council is both applicant and judge.

      I’m not suggesting that the Thames Water land is the Serengeti but it is not a wasteland either. It is meadowland that is not actively managed by humans, and probably all the better for that. The adjacent LBE-owned land has been allowed to deteriorate over the years, but I’ve never thought much of the idea that a landowner should be able to increase its chances of getting planning permission by failing to maintain its land.

      Surely it would be better to find an alternative site that avoids this loss of habitat if it is possible, rather than regarding the loss of habitat as “absolutely fine”?

  3. Angela Monaghan

    Plans for a new school in Southgate are welcome but will that address the problem for those of us who live within spitting distance of Walker and can’t get in? Given the genuine lack of school places around here, it’s unlikey that families like ours would be in the catchment for the new school…

    1. gonuldaniels Post author

      If a new school is built in Southgate it will take some of the pressure off Walker School, there will be more choice of schools and an increase in school places in the area. SWEAT have a number of objectives which are listed on the “About Us” page and one of our objectives is to campaign for the expansion of Walker School. SWEAT are meeting with Enfield Council Officers on Tuesday 24th September to seek solutions for the school admission problem.


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