SWEAT Meetings

On Tuesday 24th September SWEAT met with Enfield Education and Regeneration Officers at the Civic Centre. Andrew Fraser had promised that he would work with a parent led group back in April and we weren’t disappointed. Jo Fear, Jenny Tosh, Gary Barnes and Neil Best discussed the concerns that we had identified.

SWEAT learnt how Enfield were working to meeting their statutory duty and to meet the educational needs of our area. What is sure is that there will be a 2 Form Entry School provided somewhere in our area for September 2014. Good news – although it is unknown where this 2 Form Entry School will be.

On the Grovelands proposals, which SWEAT fully support, there has been no update from English Heritage. If this proposal does manage to jump through all the hoops that it must go through from now, to consultation, to planning to maybe getting built, the first intake will be in September 2016.

SWEAT learnt that discussions continue on the Walker School expansion and SWEAT remain optimistic that progress may be made at some point in the future.

Another surprise for SWEAT was learning about the process of school expansions. Apparently a faith school can expand onto a different site and the new school would not necessarily have to be a faith school.

On Wednesday 25th September there was a public consultation meeting on the Grovelands proposals, a new primary school is proposed on the land adjacent to Grovelands Park. At the meeting objectors to the proposals made their point of view known. A primary concern appeared to be that the land owned by Thames Water, which has been unused for 15 years, was going to be built upon (or next to) and the wildlife would be disturbed. A SWEAT parent made an impassioned plea for the objectors to be reasonable and to put the needs of the children in this area first. Children will be unable to get an education locally unless there are new schools built and if that doesn’t happen families will be forced out.

What will happen in our neighbourhood if nothing changes? Property prices will fall and a degeneration of the area will occur as family homes that have no schools become converted into smaller properties for singles and couples.

FACT – A house for sale near Walker School has lost 2 potential buyers when they learnt that their children will not be admitted to Walker School.

FACT – A family moved away from Fox Lane because they will apply for a reception place at primary school for 2014 and they would not receive any local school from the Fox Lane address.

Councillors asked the audience at the meeting to let their feelings be known so that they could represent those views. A template letter to send to Councillors will be available on this site from 6th October.


2 thoughts on “SWEAT Meetings

  1. Michael Clary

    Have I got this right? Any school at Grovelands would be in addition to a 2 form entry school somewhere else in the area? You don’t actually specify whether the other school would be primary or secondary, but I presume you do mean primary.

    1. Tim

      If you look at the council report “SCHOOL EXPANSION PROGRAMME PHASE 2” they detail the need for 4 extra primary reception classes by 2017 in our area (South West Enfield). So there is also the need for an additional 2 classes in the area, as well as the proposed Grovelands school.


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