Grovelands Story

Following on from the Grovelands Consultation Meeting last week, an Enfield local newspaper are writing an article on Enfield Council’s proposals for the land adjacent to Grovelands Park, and the reaction of the local community.

There will be a reporter and a photographer at the proposed Grovelands site tomorrow morning, Monday 30 September at 11.30am so please come along to show your support. We will meet at the entrance to The Priory at 11.30.

Unfortunately David Burrowes MP will not be able to support us on-site tomorrow as the Conservative Party Conference commences today. I met with David and he told me that the Grovelands proposal has David’s  agreement in principle. Good news!


One thought on “Grovelands Story

  1. paul slater

    There was a school in fox lane before it was sold off for flats.
    A third of schools are religious schools are they taking in more children.
    how many more green spaces are we to lose in enfield now the population of enfield is 300,000 why can we not create a larger grovelands park.


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