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Dropping Children at School

Parents who drive their children to school and drop off at the school gate could soon be fined by Enfield Council. SWEAT are campaigning for “local schools for local children” and if this were readily available then parents would walk their children to school. Read the article in the Enfield Advertiser here.

Broomfield Home-Owners and Residents Association

SWEAT were invited to speak at the Broomfield Home-Owners and Residents Association (BHORA) at their half yearly meeting to inform about the problem with school places in our area. The minutes of that meeting can be found on the BHORA website here.

Help Support Increased Primary School Provision

Please continue to support us by writing to your ward councillors. A template letter can be found here Letter to Councillor.

You can find out who your local councillor is by following this link and putting your postcode into the address field.


One thought on “Latest News

  1. Paul

    Couldn’t agree more. Judging by what I’ve seen, for those school headteachers and governors supporting this scheme it’s a case of turkeys voting for Christmas. There are better ways to improve safety. Ultimately, it’s children who will lose out, whilst the Council cashes in. Hired coaches bringing kids back to school after swimming, matches and other trips, habitually park on the zigzag lines and they won’t be immune from a Penalty Charge Notice. The coach operators will have to put their prices up and the schools will no longer be able to run these activities.


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