Ashmole Academy announces proposals for a New Primary School

Ashmole Academy has announced proposals for a new primary school on their site in Southgate. Ashmole is a high performing secondary school with a reputation for outstanding GCSE results.

SWEAT welcome this news which will alleviate an increasing problem In South West Enfield. In the Fox Lane district there is an acute problem where local children cannot gain admission to their local schools.

To enable the school to go ahead and gain the funding required Ashmole will need support from parents. The proposal is for a 2 Form Entry school starting in September 2015 with a 2 Form Year 1.

Ashmole will be asking parents of children born between September 2009 and August 2012 to register an interest, which will enable the new school application to commence. To register interest follow the link to Ashmole Academy and download the “New School Information Pamphlet”. Information about the form and where to return it to are on the leaflet. Alternatively a leaflet with a form to register interest will be delivered by Ashmole  to homes in the area as well as to local nursery and toddler groups.

The primary school announcement promises that the school will have the same quality education that the secondary school provides.  Well done Ashmole for taking steps to meet a community need.


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