The latest

60 more primary school places should be available in our area ready for children starting school this year.

The following news is not confirmed but this is what I believe to be happening based on the Council’s own information about need in the area.  A report that went to Enfield Council Cabinet last summer stated that there would be a new 2 Form Entry school in the South West of Enfield starting in September 2014. This school is the school that may eventually be located at the Grovelands site in 2017.

The Council have been in negotiations with landowners of sites in the Southgate area and should be in a position to make an announcement in the coming weeks.  Parents who have applied for a school place for this year did not receive information about this new school in this year’s application pack but they should be informed in April; the same time that they are informed of which school their child has gained admission to.

Good news for South West Enfield if this new primary school and the Ashmole Primary School all go ahead and create an additional 60 places in September 2014 and 120 places in September 2015. The campaign continues until the children start school.


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