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I was interviewed by Ruth McKee of the Enfield Advertiser about the new primary school that is to be opened in Southgate for September 2014.

Many parents of children starting school this year will not be aware of this development unless they have been following the We Want Local Schools campaign and this website. Here is part of the article and the full article can be read here.

12th Feb News



3 thoughts on “In the News!

  1. Ruth GILBEY

    Hi there,
    Great news on proposed school places.
    Do you still need local parents to send letters to the council? Could you send me a link to your template if you do?
    Many thanks
    Ruth Gilbey

  2. Donald

    Comment: Please see the answer to Question 10 of Councillors Questions at COUNCIL:

    “Question 10 from Councillor Simbodyal to Councillor Orhan, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People

    Can the Cabinet Member provide an update on her Primary Schools expansion program?

    Reply from Councillor Orhan:

    This administration will have provided an additional 4410 primary school places for local children once we have completed the first phase of the PEP programme.

    This first phase will see 1680 permanent primary places across six schools. We already created 180 new reception places last September with a further 60 to be available during this academic year (30 places at Edmonton County, who will also provide additional Year 1 places and 30 places at George Spicer School) another 60 spaces guaranteed for September 2014.

    Building work is well underway at 4 schools in the borough (George Spicer, Edmonton County, Highfield and Chesterfield) with works planned to start at another two schools (Prince of Wales and Worcesters) in the coming months.

    I have recently visited the brand new primary provision at Edmonton County School and can assure Members that both pupils and staff are thrilled by the quality of the school environment that we have created. Furthermore, we are pleased to be delivering on our commitment to parents to provide local schools for local children.

    Members will be aware that the Cabinet and Council agreed the recommendation to extend the Primary Expansion Programme last summer and with £65M added to the capital programme to bring forward the next phase of school expansions.

    This is in addition to the £118M expenditure this administration has committed to providing school places to date.

    Planning Committee has already agreed plans for the further expansion of Grange Park School with an application to completely rebuild Garfield Primary School submitted to planners. Officers are currently looking into the feasibility of a further six schemes, including the expansion of the Secondary Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) in the north of the borough.

    Our achievements are all the more remarkable given the backdrop of reduced funding from the Coalition Government to support local authority maintained schools”

    I cannot identify the resource that will provide the additional school places you expect to be delivered in September 2014


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