Enfield Council lets down parents

Parents of children applying for a primary school place for September 2014 have now been informed which school their child has been admitted to.

Enfield Council’s promise of 60 additional school places in South West Enfield has not materialised, their promise of Walker School expansion has also failed to materialise and, as a result, the promise of parental choice has not been realised.

Parents of children starting school this year in the Fox Lane area have not received their first choice of school. Last year many parents of children starting school in South West Enfield did not receive their first of choice of school. What has Enfield Council done to address the lack of school places in the Fox Lane area since the heated public meeting last year where Councillors and Council Officers listened to parents concerns? Nothing!

Council officers have told SWEAT that there are enough primary school places in the borough to meet demand. No change from last year or previous years. This is not good enough, local children should be able to go to local schools.

Residents of the Fox Lane area are now looking to the need for local primary school places to be met by the free school proposal from Ashmole Academy in the London Borough of Barnet because Enfield Council are not meeting our needs.


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