SWEAT meeting with Enfield Council today

SWEAT wrote a letter to Andrew Fraser, Director of Schools and Children’s Services at Enfield on 11th June asking what had happened to the schools promised in the report that went to Cabinet in June 2013. The letter can be viewed here Letter to Council 11 June 2014 or on this website under letters. The cabinet report can be viewed here Report to Cabinet.

As a result of that letter SWEAT are meeting with Enfield. The questions we want answers to have been provided to Enfield in advance and can be viewed here Questions – Meeting with Council 15th July 2014 ver1.

We want more school places, we want local schools for local children!


2 thoughts on “SWEAT meeting with Enfield Council today

  1. Angela Monaghan

    They need to start putting secondary school provision in place now so we don’t end up in the same situation with secondary places in a couple of years time. There has been a shortage if primary spaces since at least 2010 and those children will be ready to move to secondary school in a few years time…


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