SWEAT meet Enfield

Here are some comments from parents after the meeting between SWEAT members, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, Andrew Fraser and Council Officers:

“I was left feeling like the council don’t have a clear plan and was saddened that they took a confrontational stance which felt dismissive of parents concerns.”

“There is still a need to educate, inform and prove to the local community and the council that there is a desperate need for primary school places in our area. Without this we will see families withdraw which will be only to the detriment of the local community.”

“Enfield Council want us to trust them but have done little to earn that trust.”

“Ambivalence and lack of urgency. Ambivalence, because on the one hand they stated that the Council only looks at the overall need of the whole segments of the borough i.e. South West Enfield. Then only under concerted pressure from us did they make a vague commitment to giving specific targeted help to the FLDRA area. Lack of urgency, because on the Grovelands School plans. – the Council is allowing the wheels of bureaucracy to flow in its usual lumbering manner, when it could be more active in gaining EH and planning approval – rather than waiting for responses that inevitably will not arrive without a great deal of prodding.”


3 thoughts on “SWEAT meet Enfield

  1. Hilary Britton

    Education of our children has to be a priority. If the Council is dragging its feet then surely we need to appeal to government to speed up the process. Surely this is a good time with the appointment of a new Education Minister.

    By the way if the Groveland site is proving a problem, there is another possible site that I have not seen mentioned. Behind Shakespeare House on the High Street in Southgate running across to the back of the Greenway, there is a good size plot which was, I think, allotments at some time in the past but now appears to be unused. Access is from the Greenway and this is a good central site. Perhaps someone could investigate this.

    Hilary Britton, The Mall

  2. Laura Davenport

    Just before Christmas the local residents association BHORA (http://www.bhora.org) met with members of the education department who made it clear that Enfield Council is relying on Haringey and Barnet council to expand Bounds Green School and both Wren Academy and Ashmole to build primary schools on-site and this will absorb all the new families expected to move into the new homes in the area.

    Since then it appears that the council plan to open a reception class on the Broomfield School site which will be run by Bowes. What happens once the reception children reach year one seems to be unknown, maybe Broomfield will become an through school, ie age 3-18 years.


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