Statement from Enfield Council

In addition to the usual checks carried out to establish the validity of applications, the Local Authority has also identified a number of schools where additional, higher level checks will be carried out in relation to their applicants. The Admissions Service will be working closely with Enfield’s Fraud Investigation Team to carry out these checks. Walker School is one of the schools concerned. As you will appreciate, we do not disclose the details of the checks undertaken as this could potentially help those who intend to provide misleading information in future application rounds.


2 thoughts on “Statement from Enfield Council

  1. Caroline

    The problem is not only that.
    It’s also for those parents who rent a place near the school at the time of the application for a short period of time and then move out!! They then create the so-much-talk traffic around the school!!
    Here remains the big problem!! As those ones are in their legal right!!?
    The rules should change!!
    We’ve been living in the area for over 8 years (0.3miles from the school) and my daughter is still no.20 on the waiting list!! We are happy with her school (DEBOHUN), but the traffic can be horrendous and therefore we are often late!!
    Once people move out, children should be taken out from the school. Why should we be the one on the waiting list and not the ones who have just (or pretend to) moved in!!?

    1. gonuldaniels Post author

      There is a Southgate Green Ward Forum this evening 7.15 – 8.45 at the Penridge Banqueting Suite and Education is on the agenda. This is an opportunity to let your councillors know what the issues are.


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