Wren Academy at Enfield Proposal Moves Ahead

News from the Wren Academy Trust & London Diocesan Board for Schools

We are delighted to announce the free school application for a new secondary school in Enfield has been approved by the Department for Education to enter the pre-opening phase. This brings closer the reality of a new school for western Enfield by September 2018. Parents of Year 3 and 4 children will have another choice when their children reach secondary transfer age.

As the free school’s proposers, Wren Academy Trust and the London Diocesan Board for Schools, will now start the detailed planning for opening the school. This includes appointing the headteacher and staff, forming the governing body and talking to parents about what the school will offer.

The school will be based on Christian values and open to the whole community whether Christians, other faiths or of no faith. The school will give preference to those living closest to it with half the places being for church-going families and the other half being ‘open’ places. We expect to start the admissions process in September 2017.

Michael Whitworth, Executive Principal of Wren Academy Trust, said, “We look forward to working with local primary schools and their parents to help develop our plans for the new school. We are confident that the special atmosphere at Wren Academy is something parents will want for Enfield. We are grateful to the hundreds of parents who supported our application and helped us get approval.”

We have suggested three possible sites for the school to the Education Funding Agency and they will be responsible for acquiring the site and building the school. Our preferred site is on Enfield Road, Oakwood where there are good transport links and a suitably large space for a new secondary school.

Wren Academy Trust & London Diocesan Board for Schools

2 thoughts on “Wren Academy at Enfield Proposal Moves Ahead

  1. Paul M

    Great news. Because of the birth spike this school is desperately needed. I hope the school’s backers find a site that will have broad community support.

  2. Michael Clary

    Just to note that the Wren Academy statement curiously omits to mention that the “suitably large space for a new school” is suitably large because it is Green Belt and would presumably require redesignation by the council. Then the next bit of Green Belt will go, and the next bit. That may or may not be a killer objection but it is not something that should be brushed under the carpet.


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