About Us

Our Mission Statement “Local schools for local children”

SWEAT has the following objectives:

  • To ensure local children can go to a local community school
  • To campaign for the expansion of Walker School
  • To campaign for a priority zone to be set up in the Fox Lane area
  • Greater accountability of Walker School Governors to the local community
  • Investigate options for a new school
  • Look at the Admissions process and how it can be made fairer
  • Campaign for increased school provision in the South West Enfield area


There are 10 members of SWEAT who plan and organise the campaign for increased school provision. SWEAT need support from the local community to make a difference. If you support us please click on the “Follow” button on the bottom right hand corner of this page. By providing your email address you will be updated each time there is an update and more importantly when Enfield consult we can contact you for support. Members of the group are:

Andy Barker
Tim Cole
Sue Cook
Gonul Daniels
Anita Heaviside
Sobia Kureshi
Paul Mandel
Rudi Ramdarshan
Lisa Smosarski
David Weir

How SWEAT started:

As you may know the Fox Lane and District Residents’ Association (FLDRA), of which I am a committee member, has a resolution to actively campaign for more primary school provision in the FLDRA area and a special meeting was held on Tuesday 30th April.

The presentation given by Neil Best (PEP Stakeholder Engagement, Schools & Children’s Services) at the meeting is here Enfield PEP – Fox Lane Residents Presentation.

Questions resulting from that meeting are here “Meeting questions categorised” and have been sent to the London Borough of Enfield for a response.

At the meeting, Andrew Fraser, Enfield Director of Schools & Children’s Services, indicated that he would be prepared to work with a group of parent representatives to seek solutions to the problems and concerns raised.

Moving forward we are looking for a cross section of interested parents to continue the campaign. If you are interested in joining a group to address the issue of school places in the South West of Enfield please email Gonul Daniels using the Contact us page on the FLDRA website http://foxlane.net/, or the Contact Us page on the https://wewantlocalschools.wordpress.com/ site.

I anticipate that the group will consist of approximately 10 parents who should be prepared to commit time to meeting with the group, Council Officers and elected representatives.

Gonul Daniels

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