About Us

Our Mission Statement “Local schools for local children”

SWEAT has the following objectives:

  • To ensure local children can go to a local community school
  • To campaign for the expansion of Walker School
  • To campaign for a priority zone to be set up in the Fox Lane area
  • Greater accountability of Walker School Governors to the local community
  • Investigate options for a new school
  • Look at the Admissions process and how it can be made fairer
  • Campaign for increased school provision in the South West Enfield area

How SWEAT started:

As you may know the Fox Lane and District Residents’ Association (FLDRA), of which I am a committee member, has a resolution to actively campaign for more primary school provision in the FLDRA area and a special meeting was held on Tuesday 30th April.

The presentation given by Neil Best (PEP Stakeholder Engagement, Schools & Children’s Services) at the meeting is here Enfield PEP – Fox Lane Residents Presentation.

Questions resulting from that meeting are here “Meeting questions categorised” and have been sent to the London Borough of Enfield for a response.

At the meeting, Andrew Fraser, Enfield Director of Schools & Children’s Services, indicated that he would be prepared to work with a group of parent representatives to seek solutions to the problems and concerns raised.

Moving forward we are looking for a cross section of interested parents to continue the campaign. If you are interested in joining a group to address the issue of school places in the South West of Enfield please email Gonul Daniels using the Contact us page on the FLDRA website http://foxlane.net/, or the Contact Us page on the https://wewantlocalschools.wordpress.com/ site.

I anticipate that the group will consist of approximately 10 parents who should be prepared to commit time to meeting with the group, Council Officers and elected representatives.

Gonul Daniels


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