Statement from Enfield Council

In addition to the usual checks carried out to establish the validity of applications, the Local Authority has also identified a number of schools where additional, higher level checks will be carried out in relation to their applicants. The Admissions Service will be working closely with Enfield’s Fraud Investigation Team to carry out these checks. Walker School is one of the schools concerned. As you will appreciate, we do not disclose the details of the checks undertaken as this could potentially help those who intend to provide misleading information in future application rounds.

Do you have a child / children born between September 2010 – August 2013?

If so then please support Ashmole Academy in their bid to open a new primary school in September 2016 by registering your interest. You can register your interest online by visiting Ashmole’s website here.



As this is a new submission you will need to re-submit interest even If you registered previously on the first bid.

Enfield Force Parents to Drive and then Fine Them

An excellent business model! Force parents to drive and then fine them for doing so.

We want to walk our children to school but Enfield Council refuse to provide access to local schools for local children.

SWEAT members have been advised by Enfield Council to send their children to De Bohun School and Edmonton County School which is over 1.7 miles and 2.3 miles respectively from children’s homes.

Four year old children cannot walk that distance at the beginning and end of each school day. So what are the alternatives? 2 buses and a walk, or drive and be fined £110 by Enfield Council who have allocated that school to the family.

SWEAT are in agreement with Enfield Council that congestion outside of schools is dangerous. The solution to the congestion is to provide local schools that parents can walk their children to, and not Enfield Council’s solution of fining parents who have no choice but to drive.

The Council should provide local places in areas where they are most needed and work with the community instead of against them!

See the BBC News item here where Enfield Council will be making money from parents lack of choice from Monday 29th September

Minchenden should be a Primary School!

Enfield Council told us at the beginning of 2014 that Minchenden School would be a primary school. This news confirmed the plans that were laid out in Andrew Fraser’s report that went to Cabinet in June 2013 Enfield Council Report.

Please demonstrate with us at the Minchenden site at 2pm tomorrow (Monday 1st September) when the Enfield Independent newspaper will report on this story. The Minchenden site is opposite Southgate Circus Library, High St, London N14 6BP, next to the Fire Station.