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Ashmole Primary School needs your support

Support the planning application for a permanent building to enable children to continue their education at Ashmole Primary School. The local community will benefit from outstanding education delivery on their doorstep as well as an increase in value to their property.

Support Ashmole Primary School


Ashmole Primary School Parents need your help!

Support the Planning Application 16/5606/FUL – Ashmole Primary School to ensure the education of our children.
Support the planning application online via Barnet Council’s Planning Portal:
Reference: 16/5606/FUL
Closing Date was 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 but has been extended to 04 OCTOBER 2016

Do you have a child / children born between September 2010 – August 2013?

If so then please support Ashmole Academy in their bid to open a new primary school in September 2016 by registering your interest. You can register your interest online by visiting Ashmole’s website here.



As this is a new submission you will need to re-submit interest even If you registered previously on the first bid.

More comments from SWEAT meet Enfield

Here are more comments from parents after the meeting between SWEAT members, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, Andrew Fraser and Council Officers on 15th July:

“I’m never quite sure which face of Enfield Council we’re listening to … they claimed to be supporting Ashmole’s proposed primary school, then changed tune and said that it was not their concern, but in reality they have officially blocked EFA funding for the school. It seems to me now the local elections are over the Labour Council are reneging on promises and turning the efforts towards opposing central government policies … this is effecting our children it’s not a political game!”

“Enfield Council did little to appease the concerns of parents who had been led to believe that something was actually going to happen for the benefit of residents of the area”

“I’m pleased the council has come up with some more places for this September, although this may not be the ideal solution. However I feel they need to send out a much stronger message to parents that they will take a tough stance against potentially fraudulent applications to Walker – while plenty of borough-wide investigations have resulted in places being withdrawn, none of these has been at Walker, where competition is extra fierce since the school governors rejected the council’s wish to expand.”

“The council obviously have their own agenda which doesn’t include any of the concerns of parents in the FLDRA area. I don’t think they’re really bothered if our children go to schools over a mile away and other parents continue to cheat their way in to Walker. It’s just a job to them, whereas it’s our children’s education at stake.”