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Ashmole Primary School needs your support

Support the planning application for a permanent building to enable children to continue their education at Ashmole Primary School. The local community will benefit from outstanding education delivery on their doorstep as well as an increase in value to their property.

Support Ashmole Primary School

Wren Academy Enfield Opening Date

We are aware that the project’s many supporters have been anxious for an update on progress.  Unfortunately, ongoing negotiations over potential sites for the new school have made it difficult for us to say anything substantive in recent months.

We had hoped to open Wren Enfield in September 2018 following a successful free school bid in 2015 to open a new and excellent secondary school in Enfield.

Despite all efforts, the government has unfortunately not yet been able to secure a site for the new school in time for our preferred opening date of September 2018.

We appreciate that this will cause disappointment to many parents who have supported us in our journey so far.  Unfortunately this situation is beyond the control of Wren Academy or our partner the London Diocesan Board for Schools as we rely upon the government to find us a site for the school.

Please be assured that we are fully committed to the opening the school, and strenuous efforts to find a site for Wren Enfield continue. We will let you know as soon as the government has secured a site, and confirmed a provisional opening date for the school.

Wren Academy at Enfield Proposal Moves Ahead

News from the Wren Academy Trust & London Diocesan Board for Schools

We are delighted to announce the free school application for a new secondary school in Enfield has been approved by the Department for Education to enter the pre-opening phase. This brings closer the reality of a new school for western Enfield by September 2018. Parents of Year 3 and 4 children will have another choice when their children reach secondary transfer age.

As the free school’s proposers, Wren Academy Trust and the London Diocesan Board for Schools, will now start the detailed planning for opening the school. This includes appointing the headteacher and staff, forming the governing body and talking to parents about what the school will offer.

The school will be based on Christian values and open to the whole community whether Christians, other faiths or of no faith. The school will give preference to those living closest to it with half the places being for church-going families and the other half being ‘open’ places. We expect to start the admissions process in September 2017.

Michael Whitworth, Executive Principal of Wren Academy Trust, said, “We look forward to working with local primary schools and their parents to help develop our plans for the new school. We are confident that the special atmosphere at Wren Academy is something parents will want for Enfield. We are grateful to the hundreds of parents who supported our application and helped us get approval.”

We have suggested three possible sites for the school to the Education Funding Agency and they will be responsible for acquiring the site and building the school. Our preferred site is on Enfield Road, Oakwood where there are good transport links and a suitably large space for a new secondary school.

Wren Academy Trust & London Diocesan Board for Schools

A new secondary school in Enfield

Wren Academy are proposing a new secondary school in Enfield. Details of the project can be found here http://www.wrenenfield.org where parents who support the proposal can complete a questionnaire online.

You can get more information and meet the proposers at a consultation evening:

Monday 28 September 6.30pm – 7.30pm at St Michael’s C.E. Primary School, Brigadier Hill, Enfield  EN2 0NB

Monday 5 October 6.30pm – 7.30pm at St Andrew’s CE Primary School, 116 Churchbury Lane, Enfield EN1 3UL

The following text is taken from the Wren Enfield website.

From Michael Whitworth
Executive Principal, Wren Academy

I am delighted that Wren Academy is bidding to establish a brand new school in Oakwood. Over recent months I have got to know the area well and I am very encouraged by the amount of support the proposal has already received from local residents.

For us at Wren, starting a new school in Oakwood is a logical next step. We have been privileged to experience the successful development of the current Wren Academy since it opened in 2008 and are keen to offer a Wren education to young people in Enfield. I am very aware that there is already a demand for places at Wren from families in the Oakwood area which we are currently unable to meet.

It is important to recognise that every area, school and child is unique. We will build the new school upon principles we have successfully established at Wren; I know local families will want and expect us to do this. The Oakwood school will not, however, simply be a ‘Wren Academy 2’, it will take some of the best of our current practice to create something which is exciting, dynamic and suited to the particular needs and aspirations of children in Enfield.

If we earn your trust and support and if we are successful in bidding for the new school, I look forward immensely to working with you to make the project a resounding success. You can rest assured that the Governors and staff at Wren Academy recognise the responsibility that is placed upon us when parents choose a Wren education and we will do our utmost to fulfil your expectations of us.