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Ashmole Primary School Parents need your help!

Support the Planning Application 16/5606/FUL – Ashmole Primary School to ensure the education of our children.
Support the planning application online via Barnet Council’s Planning Portal:
Reference: 16/5606/FUL
Closing Date was 27 SEPTEMBER 2016 but has been extended to 04 OCTOBER 2016


Deputation to Cabinet

SWEAT made a deputation to Enfield Council Cabinet Meeting about the continued lack of school places in South West Enfield and specifically around the Fox Lane area and Barnet borders. SWEAT were given 10 minutes to make a case, here are the words that were delivered Deputation Words and the handouts referred to are here Cabinet report 2013 section 4 and Cabinet report 2014 section 4.

The Enfield Advertiser and Gazette reported on the deputation:



The whole article can be read here Enfield Today.

The report that went to Cabinet from Andrew Fraser this year shows Edmonton County School in South West Enfield (here section 4.5) and the report that went to Cabinet last year shows Edmonton County in West Central Enfield (here section 4.5).

Does the extremely low surplus figure of 3% include Edmonton County? Andrew Fraser when asked at Cabinet insisted that Edmonton County was in the South West of Enfield, does he know that last year he said it was in a West Central Enfield?

If Edmonton County is not in South West Enfield does that mean there is no parental choice?