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Wren Academy Enfield Opening Date

We are aware that the project’s many supporters have been anxious for an update on progress.  Unfortunately, ongoing negotiations over potential sites for the new school have made it difficult for us to say anything substantive in recent months.

We had hoped to open Wren Enfield in September 2018 following a successful free school bid in 2015 to open a new and excellent secondary school in Enfield.

Despite all efforts, the government has unfortunately not yet been able to secure a site for the new school in time for our preferred opening date of September 2018.

We appreciate that this will cause disappointment to many parents who have supported us in our journey so far.  Unfortunately this situation is beyond the control of Wren Academy or our partner the London Diocesan Board for Schools as we rely upon the government to find us a site for the school.

Please be assured that we are fully committed to the opening the school, and strenuous efforts to find a site for Wren Enfield continue. We will let you know as soon as the government has secured a site, and confirmed a provisional opening date for the school.


Minchenden should be a Primary School!

Enfield Council told us at the beginning of 2014 that Minchenden School would be a primary school. This news confirmed the plans that were laid out in Andrew Fraser’s report that went to Cabinet in June 2013 Enfield Council Report.

Please demonstrate with us at the Minchenden site at 2pm tomorrow (Monday 1st September) when the Enfield Independent newspaper will report on this story. The Minchenden site is opposite Southgate Circus Library, High St, London N14 6BP, next to the Fire Station.

Minchenden Grammar School Building to be a school?

Enfield Council have entered into a short term lease contract with Barnet and Southgate College to use the Minchenden Grammar School Building for local education purposes for a period of two years.

This news has been passed to SWEAT through the local community and although we have been identified as key stakeholders were not informed by Council Officers. Further detail can be obtained here Minchenden Lease and here.

SWEAT meet Enfield

Here are some comments from parents after the meeting between SWEAT members, Cllr Ayfer Orhan, Andrew Fraser and Council Officers:

“I was left feeling like the council don’t have a clear plan and was saddened that they took a confrontational stance which felt dismissive of parents concerns.”

“There is still a need to educate, inform and prove to the local community and the council that there is a desperate need for primary school places in our area. Without this we will see families withdraw which will be only to the detriment of the local community.”

“Enfield Council want us to trust them but have done little to earn that trust.”

“Ambivalence and lack of urgency. Ambivalence, because on the one hand they stated that the Council only looks at the overall need of the whole segments of the borough i.e. South West Enfield. Then only under concerted pressure from us did they make a vague commitment to giving specific targeted help to the FLDRA area. Lack of urgency, because on the Grovelands School plans. – the Council is allowing the wheels of bureaucracy to flow in its usual lumbering manner, when it could be more active in gaining EH and planning approval – rather than waiting for responses that inevitably will not arrive without a great deal of prodding.”

SWEAT meeting with Enfield Council today

SWEAT wrote a letter to Andrew Fraser, Director of Schools and Children’s Services at Enfield on 11th June asking what had happened to the schools promised in the report that went to Cabinet in June 2013. The letter can be viewed here Letter to Council 11 June 2014 or on this website under letters. The cabinet report can be viewed here Report to Cabinet.

As a result of that letter SWEAT are meeting with Enfield. The questions we want answers to have been provided to Enfield in advance and can be viewed here Questions – Meeting with Council 15th July 2014 ver1.

We want more school places, we want local schools for local children!